Revive Your Windows with Style!

Try our custom made blinds which soften light, provide shade and keep your room cool, or give you privacy without blocking the light.  Whatever your need, we will tailor your blinds to fulfill it.

Sit down with our window treatment specialist and seamstress to help you design and create draperies that will dress up previously boring windows by perusing our wide variety of styles, fabrics and colors.

Don’t throw that old chair away.  Ask about reupholstering to tie the old in with the new.

Window Coverings


General Maintenance

To remove dust, fabric blinds should be vacuumed with a brush attachment, and PVC blinds can simply be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth.

To remove stains, you should seek the help of a cleaning professional.

Specific Maintenance

Hunter Douglas Maintenance (PDF, 479KB)

Remember to think about the following accessories and options:

Blind Options

  • Cordless Controls
  • Blackout blinds
  • Motorization

Drapery Accessories/Options

  • Finial Styles
  • Finish Style
  • Holdbacks
  • Clip Rings

There are different cleaning methods suggested for each of our product suppliers. When you receive your custom blind from Floors Plus it will be supplied with specific instructions for its care and maintenance so you can enjoy a lifetime of service from your window treatments. For more information refer to the ‘Technical’ tab for maintenance specifics.
Many sheer reflective products have the characteristics that when light hits the surface it is reflected away giving the illusion of opacity, much like the window tint used in the automotive industry today. However when the light source is reversed at night with artificial light illuminating the inside of your home the opposite becomes true, people can see in but you cannot see out due to the light reflecting off the surface.
All window products are designed with safety in mind, and provide standard or optional safety features. Today there are lifting systems and motorized options to eliminate any cords. If cords cannot be avoided, there are breakaway cord tassels, cord stops and a variety of cord cleats to protect children from this strangulation hazard. Also, you can visit our ‘Technical’ tab to download the ‘Child Safety’ brochure.
While we recommend you contact your local Floors Plus dealer to arrange for a professional to measure your windows, if you'd like to do it yourself, below are some general guidelines:

Inside Mount (IB)
Measure the width inside the window opening at the top, middle and bottom. The top measurement is critical because the headrail must fit! Record the actual dimension of the shortest width to the nearest one eighth of an inch. Measure the height inside the window opening at left, right and center. Record the actual dimension of the shortest height to the nearest one eighth of an inch.  Also measure the window on its diagonals.  If the two diagonal dimensions are not exactly the same, it may be necessary to specify an outside mount for optimal fit, light control and privacy.

The ordered width should ensure a precise fit for the headrail and allow proper operation of the shade. If widths in the window vary, order the minimum width if necessary to allow the shade to raise and lower properly.

The ordered height should ensure clean operation at the base of the window as well as provide maximum privacy and light control.

Note: Be sure the window opening is deep enough to install the mounting bracket.

Outside Mount (OB)
Measure the desired width and height. To minimize light leakage, the shade should overlap the window opening at least 2" on each side and at the bottom.

When measuring the height, take into account the requirements for mounting the bracket attachment.
Custom-made blinds are manufactured to your specifications to fit your window opening exactly; they feature the highest quality components and come in a wide variety of colors and materials. Ready-made blinds are the choice of budget conscience consumers; they are manufactured in various standard sizes and in a limited number of colors which is what you usually find at our box stores.
There are three main factors to consider when choosing custom window treatments; function, fashion, and budget.  At Floors Plus we offer many product offerings that encompass all of these factors. Consumers often cite the following functional features as their primary reasons for investing in window coverings: privacy, security, light control, UV protection, and energy efficiency. To find the products suited to your individual needs it is best to consult with an authorized Floors Plus Window Treatment representative, they will help you to balance the factors of function, fashion and budget.